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my dance journey

My affinity for dance seemingly started when I was quite young – according to my mom, I broke free from her grasp at only 3 years old to run and join the dancers in the parade at Disneyland. Growing up, I was an avid viewer of dance reality series on television such as MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew", Lifetime's "Dance Moms", and NBC's "World of Dance". While my parents always viewed my love as a hobby, deep down I had always dreamed of the day that I might be able to pursue dance as a career like those I watched on TV.

In high school, I joined my first competitive hip hop dance team and studio competition team, where I trained in all styles from ballet, jazz, contemporary, to foundational street styles and choreography. From there began my slow but steady journey to see my childhood dreams till the end. Over the past 8 years, I've trained under renowned companies and choreographers such as Beau Fournier's Maker Empire, Clay Boonthanakit from STEEZY, and Lando Wilkins. I've also been blessed to have the opportunity to train with globally recognized instructors at the YGX and Just Jerk Academies in Seoul, South Korea while under each respective studio's professional preparatory course.

I am always striving to hone my craft and be the best at what I do, and am continuously seeking opportunities to gain experience, grow with other creatives, and hopefully one day become represented by an agency. For a more detailed look at my journey thus far, please feel free to check out my resume below or reach out. I would love to work with you! 

2023 dance reel

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